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Redmi 8 a dual
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Redmi 8 a dual
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Redmi 8 a dual

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    12-month warranty

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    7-day worry-free

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    9-month assured buyback

Welcome to HX,
India's No.1 Refurbished Electronics Brand

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God-level Offers   - Aaj Khush to bahut hoge tum!
WorkHorse Phones
Vivo X50

Samsung A20s

32 GB - Black
Warranty: 12 months Starting from
INR 8,999
INR 14,900
Best Camera Phones

Samsung Galaxy A70s - Prism Crush Black

Warranty: 12 months Starting from
INR 18,999
INR 33,100
Phones with Best Battery Life
Galaxy A30s

Samsung Galaxy A30s

128 GB - Prism Crush Violet
Warranty: 12 months Starting from
INR 10,899
INR 19,900
Best Gaming Phones
iPhone 11 64GB   - Black Unlocked

Poco F1

128 GB - Graphite Black
Warranty: 12 months Starting from
INR 11,999
INR 19,999
Work From Home Devices
Chromebook Xe303c12-a01 Exynos 5 Dual 5250 1.7 GHz 16GB SSD - 2GB

MacBook Pro 13 inch

Warranty: 12 months Starting from
INR 94999
INR 129990
Study from Home Devices
27-inch Monitor 2560 x 1440 QHD (Thunderbolt)

iPad Mini

Warranty: 12 months Starting from
INR 8490
INR 23990

What is the idea behind HX?

It's the idea that people shouldn't just recycle - they should reuse.
As we live through this terrible pandemic, it is getting clearer that we need to build a more sustainable relationship with our planet.
But how?
#1. Live simpler – Get what you need, not what you want
#2. Consume less – Whatever you need, use them for longer

But we understand it's easier said than done. Creating aspirations is big business. And encouraging use-n-throw behavior seems to keep the factories alive and the economy growing.
Well, that's where our idea comes in –
#1. help our users find what they truly need
#2. and to make reuse sexy

Two small ripples that could create some pretty giant waves:
* Aspirations are met – you get to take home something really cool
* A different kind of factory thrives - one that focuses on repair rather than manufacture

The planet smiles. Everybody wins. You get the idea.
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Jo Jeeta – Wohi Sikandar!
  • Emerging Entrepreneur 2020
1 - 8
Saara Zamaana – HX ka deewana!
  • Forbes 30 Under 30: Making second-hand buying exciting
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Duniya Kare Sawaal  - Pucho Zara Pucho

“What's the difference between a used phone and a refurbished phone?“

In both cases, the two devices are pre-owned. The similarities end there. A refurbished phone has been tuned up and brought back to perfect working condition in a factory before being sold on HXKart (or somewhere else). So basically a refurbished phone has the double advantage of being a cheap mobile while also having a professional refurbisher guarantee its excellent quality.

Does HXKart only sell refurbished laptops and mobiles?

Not really. We do sell refurbished laptops and mobiles, but we also sell brand new and unboxed products. Unboxed are brand new products that are usually last season's items that brands liquidate at heavy discounts. And we don't just sell laptops and mobiles - you will find a wide range of laptops, televisions, headphones, speakers, smartwatches and many more items on HXkart. Our role is to make it easier for folks to find and buy all these products, at a great price point and with comprehensive warranty.

How do I know that my refurbished phone isn't going to conk out in 1 month?

You have our word, but we know that's not enough. We've made our customer reviews available for you to see for yourself that you're in good hands. And in case of some unlikely glitch, our industry-leading warranty program allow you to get a full refund within 7 days, assured buyback for 9 months and doorstep repair & replacement for 12 months.

What is all this hoopla about Faraday? How does it test my phone for dents and damages within just 2 minutes, and give me an accurate buyback price?

Well now. That's just too important a question to answer in a few lines. And that's why we've written a whole article about it in our fantastic blog